Sometimes you just need to pull the plug and do a hard boot.  While that may not be the most graceful way to reboot a computer, it gives your system a kick in the pants and kills hanged processes.

I’ve been feeling like this site was a hanged process that held a lot of loops without really pushing forward.  I guess it was a place to process health issues and the insanity of the country since the last General Election – it became burdensome.  It’s time to wipe it away, so I can begin again.  A fresh track.  There are plenty of social media platforms screaming at us about our doom – this doesn’t need to be one of them.

As I work towards the first draft of my first novel, I’m also preparing a digital publishing label for myself and fellow artists to publish under, including a platform and general community.  Nerd Forge is an endeavor I’m excited about.  I hope to showcase different mediums and the talented artists behind them.  You’ll also be able to find us on Facebook and join the closed group discussion.  The Nerd Forge Group is a place to have fun sharing the things you nerdgasm about – which isn’t limited to comics, movies, and books – but can be any creative outlet you are passionate about.

I will be adding more content pages here, but for now I’m going to keep it simple.  Stay tuned, True Believers!